Download Infinity CM2SPD Module V1.27 – How to Flash Spreadtrum phones

Infinity CM2SPD Tool Download. CM2 Spdreadtrum module v1.27 available to download. How to use Infinity CMSPD Module to flash Spreadtrum phones.

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How to Flash Spreadtrum phones Using Infinity CM2SPD


Get Things Ready

  • Download SPD USB Drivers and install
  • Install CM2SPD Tool Latest Version
  • Connect Dongle and Power Off your phone or reinsert battery

Using CM2SPD Tool for Keypad Phones

Backup/Dump Firmware from Phone

  • Open CM2SPD Tool and From “CPU” Select CPU version
  • For example for QMobile M3 we select SPD6531
  • Click on Flash Tab and then Click on “Read Full Flash” button
  • After that press and Hold Boot Key 1 and insert USB Cable

Boot Key :> Boot Key is a Special Key required to be Pressed for Spreadtrum CPU to be connected with PC. Boot Key may be different for each phone. Buy boot cable to easily connect SPD Phones

  • Enter Details “Mobile Vendor”, “Model”, and “Language Info” and Click on OK to save Dump File.

Flashing Firmware on Phone

  • To Flash Firmware on Spd Keypad phones just open CM2SPD Tool>Flash and click on Bin 1 to load Bin File 2 and after selecting file click on Open 3
  • Click on Flash Button and press and Hold Boot key or Connect with Boot Cable.
  • When you see Done! it means flashing process completes and plug out USB Cable.

Download Infinity CM2SPD Module

Version: 1.27

File Size: 18.28 MB

Link Last Updated: October 30, 2021

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