Download H-Mobile T1 Flash File RDA8851c Tested ROM {Free}

Download H-Mobile T1 Flash File. Tested ROM for HMobile T1 CPU: RDA8851c. How to Use CMRDA to Flash H-Mobile t1 with ease.

How to Flash?

  • Download Latest RDA Drivers and install them on your computer/laptop
  • Download CM2RDA Tool and install.
  • Open RDA Tool and select FP and choose .IFF file from Flash File.
  • Click on Flash
  • Make sure to take a backup before flashing


Waiting phone … 
Connect battery, press and hold '0' button
Connect USB cable and keep hold button, until phone will be detected
Init : 01003931
Settings registers …
1st boot Ok
==== CPU
CPU_ID : 8809 , rev : 4009
CPU_CN : RDA Micro CT , RDA8851X
==== FLASH
FL_VEN : 60C8 , rev : 1600
FL_CNM : GigaDevice , GD25Q32
FL_CAP : 00400000
Initial : 81C0024C
==== Booting
Sending RamRun Loader …
Set : 8809 , 00400000
Use : 8809_00400000_usb.fp
Sending HdrConf …
Sending LdrData …
Loader sent, starting…
Flush : 0400F000
Loader run
Boot Done!
Read Flash now …
Read Ok, 4194304 bytes read
Verify file…
Target BbCpu : CT8851C
Target Flash : flsh_spi32m
Project Name : C39_V29_AR_FR_PE_HA_SP_PO_RU_0630
Project Info : 8851C_QVGA_X915
[BIN] Saved as : C39_V29_AR_FR_PE_HA_SP_PO_RU_0630_8851C_QVGA_X915_CT8851C_flsh_spi32m.bin
Make FlashFiles
FATNV Check passed
FSCSC Check passed
CALIB Check passed
[IFF] File saved to : C:\InfinityBox\CM2RDA\Flash\IFF\C39_V29_AR_FR_PE_HA_SP_PO_RU_0630_8851C_QVGA_X915_CT8851C_flsh_spi32m.iff
[CAL] File saved to : C:\InfinityBox\CM2RDA\Flash\IFF\C39_V29_AR_FR_PE_HA_SP_PO_RU_0630_8851C_QVGA_X915_CT8851C_flsh_spi32m.ifc
Build done
Elapsed: 00:00:26
Reconnect Power/Cable!

Download H-Mobile T1 Flash File

File nameH-Mobile T1 Flash File RDA8851c
File Size2.9 MB

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