How to Fix Samsung DRK DM-Verity error – Exclusive Guide

How to fix drk dm-verity error for Samsung devices. DRK Fix for OEM ON FRP ON devices. How to use EFT Dongle tool to bypass DRK for all Samsung smartphones. Fix dm-verity Verification failed.

Whenever a user tries to make changes is Phone’s System Binaries or make phone rooted in an unusual way this can make the phone soft-bricked(hang on logo or boot loop sometimes). Follow the essential guide about “how to fix DRK problem“. We will tell you about the best tool for DRK fix or bypass.

We will discuss here about DRK(Device Root Key) and the problems resulting from DRK error and the best solution to fix this problem.

What is DRK?

Device Root key or in short term DRK is an encrypted number for device and used for system idenfication whether it is Official or tempered.

When This error occoured?

This error occurs whenever Bootloader detects custom changes in the File system, Not matched DRK Key with official binaries or when someone flashes Custom ROM in an improper way.

What are the Problems initiated by DRK?

When System detects DRK Problem it may create one of the these problems

  • bootloop
  • hang on LOGO (First Logo , or on Samsung animation)
  • Auto reboot to Recovery Mode

How to Fix/Bypass DRK (DM-Verity Error)


  • Charge your phone at-least 50% before starting
  • Download Same version firmware and Fix file
  • Do all steps on your own risk
  • Data(Files,Photos,Documents etc) will be erased

Solution 1 (Devices in Normal Mode)

You can fix DM-Verity Error by Rooting the phone if the phone is in Normal Mode. You can use one of the below tools to root

For Latest Version Android 6xx to Android 10 you need special tools and skills to get the phone rooted. You can use Magisk to make a rooted kernel or find root on CF-Auto-Root.

Solution 2 (FRP ON OEM ON Devices)

New Devices get stuck on logo when ever this problem occurs running android 8x to android 10. For these devices you need DRK Fix Files or EFT PRO to bypass DRK. You can fix G925t drk on 7.0 also.

How to fix using DRK Fix Files

You need Firmware with the same kernel version and DRK Fix File. Download DRK Fix files from one of these servers. You can use Samsung Tool Pro, EFT Dongle, or any other professional tool to flash the DRK Fix file.


  1. Download Samsung USB Drivers and Firmware
  2. Download DRK Fix File
  3. Reboot Phone in Download Mode
  4. Select DRK File in BOOT Section and AP file from Firmware in PDA Section.
  5. Tick only System.img and click on Flash

How to fix using EFT PRO Tool

EFT Pro has a new feature to bypass DRK Error to turn on the phone on OEM ON FRP ON Devices. In this method, you can bypass using This tool and the Same Firmware only. follow the below steps carefully

  1. Open EFT Pro and select Samsung
  2. Select Bypass Protection and then select “Bypass DRK – DM Verity error 2″ and click on AP to add Firmware AP File.
  3. Reboot the device in Download Mode and connect with pc
  4. Click on Start
  5. After Bypass, turn off OEM Lock and Make your phone rooted or find a DRK Fix File and flash with the above method.

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