Infinity-Box CM2 RDA/Coolsand v1.06 Setup – How to Flash

Infinity Team offers CM2RDA Tool to flash and service RDA/Coolsand devices. How to flash Coolsand phones using CM2RDA. Download the Latest CM2RDA v1.06. Here we discuss Coolsand chip Feature phones and smartphones.


This Tool is used to Flash the Firmware and Read Firmware. You can also use this tool to format the device to remove Pin/Pattern/Password for Smartphones and Keypad phones. Read Code from Keypad phones. Read & Write NVM Data.

How to Use

  • Download Latest Version Infinity CM2RDA Setup and install
  • Download CM2SCR Drivers and RDA Drivers and install them
  • Restart PC
  • Open CM2RDA Tool and select “FP for Feature(keypad) phones and select “SP” for Smartphones(Android Devices)
  • Click on Service Tab to use Format or Read Code Function
  • Select Flash Tab to Read & Write Firmware

Download CM2 RDA Setup

Version: 1.06

File Size: 6.74 MB

Link Last Updated: October 22, 2022

Download the Latest Version of CM2RDA Setup Update. All Links are regularly updated. Make sure to uninstall the previous installation and restart pc. This will update the older version.

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