Are You Looking for a preloader file for redmi 9a to boot the phone in CM2, Unlock Tool, or UMT Tool for formatting or resetting FRP then Your search is over. I am sharing here only Preloader files for MIUI 12.x.x dandelion model. You can select this preloader as EMI in any tool.

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Why We Need Preloader File for REDMI 9a

When we try to Format/Reset Pattern, FRP, or try to patch Mi Account on Redmi 9a or other similar models like redmi 9i we need to boot the phone but an error occurred due to an EMI mismatch. therefore We need an exact preloader file to boot and pass PASS EMI Configuration. We can use this Preloader file for

  • Factory Reset
  • Reset FRP
  • Remove Mi Account
  • Backup/ Restore Security Partitions
  • Read/Write Flash File (Scatter File)

and we can use these preloaders in these Tools

  • EFT Tool
  • Infinity CM2MT2
  • Unlock Tool
  • UMT MTK Tool
  • Hydra MTK Module
  • and Even with SP Flash Tool

Download Redmi 9a Preloader File

Link Last Updated: December 15, 2022

File NameFile SizeDownload
preloader_dandelion–246.bin252 KB Download
preloader_k62v1_64_bsp–440.bin252 KB Download
preloader_k62v1_64_bsp–V12.0.2.0.QCDIDXM_id.bin235 KB Download
preloader_k62v1_64_bsp–V12.0.3.0.QCDMIXM.bin235 KB Download
preloader_k62v1_64_bsp–V12.0.4.0.QCDEUXM_eea.bin235 KB Download
preloader_k62v1_64_bsp–V12.0.5.0.QCDMIXM.bin235 KB Download
preloader_k62v1_64_bsp–V12.0.6.0.QCDMIXM.bin234 KB Download
preloader_k62v1_64_bsp–V12.0.7.0.QCDMIXM.bin238 KB Download
preloader_k62v1_64_bsp–V12.0.8.0.QCDMIXM.bin238 KB Download
preloader_k62v1_64_bsp–V12.0.9.0.QCDEUXM_eea.bin238 KB Download
preloader_k62v1_64_bsp–V12.0.10.0.QCDMIXM.bin238 KB Download
preloader_k62v1_64_bsp–V12.0.11.0.QCDMIXM.bin238 KB Download
preloader_k62v1_64_bsp–V12.0.12.0.QCDMIXM.bin238 KB Download
preloader_k62v1_64_bsp–V12.0.14.0.QCDMIXM.bin238 KB Download
preloader_k62v1_64_bsp–V12.0.15.0.QCDEUXM_eea.bin238 KB Download
preloader_k62v1_64_bsp–V12.0.15.0.QCDMIXM.bin238 KB Download
preloader_k62v1_64_bsp–V12.0.16.0.QCDMIXM.bin238 KB Download
preloader_k62v1_64_bsp–V12.0.17.0.QCDMIXM.bin238 KB Download
preloader_k62v1_64_bsp–V12.0.18.0.QCDMIXM.bin238 KB Download
preloader_k62v1_64_bsp–V12.0.19.0.QCDMIXM.bin238 KB Download
preloader_k62v1_64_bsp–V12.0.20.0.QCDMIXM.bin238 KB Download
preloader_k62v1_64_bsp–V12.5.4.0.RCDMIXM.bin230 KB Download
preloader_k62v1_64_bsp–V12.5.6.0.RCDMIXM.bin230 KB Download

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