Download EVO Tool [EVONDT] v1.2.3 Latest Version

EVO NDT or EVO Tool is an exclusive activation-based tool. This is used to repair android and apple devices. Download the latest version of EVONDT v1.2.3 update.

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Our solutions, services, and training are built and designed to help our customers to rescue their phones, recover their data, and enhance phone functions.


Our support covers more than 10,000 models and we keep adding more! With our regular updates, you are capable of the handle with the updated smartphone.


We believe that in a complex digital world, people require smarter and easy-to-use tools to protect their intelligent terminals as well as their data assets.

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Changes Log

EVONDT | EVOTool Version 1.2.3

Solve mtk6873 MT128GASAO4U21 emi error
Solve mtk6833 MT128GASAO4U21 emi error
Added mt6769 chip support for various emmc flash
add P50 Hongmeng OS 4.0 support
add P50 Pro Hongmeng OS 4.0 support
add P50e Pro Hongmeng OS 4.0 support
add nova11 Pro Hongmeng OS 4.0 support
add nova11 Hongmeng OS 4.0 support
add nova10 Pro Hongmeng OS 4.0 support
add nova10 Hongmeng OS 4.0 support
add nova9 Hongmeng OS 4.0 support
add nova9 Pro Hongmeng OS 4.0 support
add hiNova 10 Full support
add hiNova 10 Pro Full support
add MaiMang 10SE Full support
add MaiMang 10 Full support
add MaiMang 11 5G Full support
add MaiMang 9 Full support
add MaiMang A20 Full support
add NZONE 50 Pro Full support
add NZONE S7 Pro Plus support
add NZONE S7 Pro Full support
add NZONE S7 Full support
add TD TECH P50 Full support
add hinova 9z Full Support
Add FFALCON FF1 Full Support

EVONDT | EVOTool Version 1.2.0
  • Optimize uart recognition speed
  • fix samsung mtk error
  • fix xiaomi qualcomm cloud id bugs
  • add DUB-XXXX cloud id
  • add BKK-XXXX cloud id
  • fix known bugs

EVONDT | EVOTool Version 1.1.4 | MTK Preloader Big Update and bug fix

Add VIVO MT6853 Preloader rpmb bootloader
Add VIVO MT6765 Preloader rpmb bootloader
Add VIVO MT6768 Preloader rpmb bootloader
Add VIVO MT6769 Preloader rpmb bootloader
Add VIVO MT6877 Preloader rpmb bootloader
Add VIVO MT6833 Preloader rpmb bootloader
Add OPPO Realme MT6833 Preloader rpmb bootloader frp FactoryReset Refresh Cloud ID
Add OPPO Realme MT6877 Preloader rpmb bootloader frp FactoryReset Refresh Cloud ID
Add OPPO Realme MT6853 Preloader rpmb bootloader frp FactoryReset Refresh Cloud ID
Add OPPO Realme MT6885 Preloader rpmb bootloader frp FactoryReset Refresh Cloud ID
Add OPPO Realme MT6889 Preloader rpmb bootloader frp FactoryReset Refresh Cloud ID
Add OPPO Realme MT6765 Preloader rpmb bootloader frp FactoryReset Refresh Cloud ID
Add OPPO Realme MT6768 Preloader rpmb bootloader frp FactoryReset Refresh Cloud ID
Add Samsung A04 Preloader rpmb bootloader
Add Samsung A04e Preloader rpmb bootloader
Add Samsung A03s Preloader rpmb bootloader
Add Samsung F04 Preloader rpmb bootloader
Add Samsung M04 Preloader rpmb bootloader
Preloader mode support BackUpFIrmware FlashFirmware ErasePartition also
Fix Xiaomi Qualcomm Refresh Cloud ID reclock bugs

EVONDT | EVOTool Version 1.1.0 | MTK Preloader Big Update and bug fix

Add VIVO MTK 6853 Preloader Support
Add VIVO MTK 6771 Preloader Support
Add VIVO MTK 6833 Preloade rSupport
Adjust VIVO MTK Flasher Support Preloader Downgrade flash firmware
Add VIVO MTK Erase Demo function (Preloader and Brom)
Adjust VIVO Qualcomm EMMC factory Reset
Adjust SAMSUNG A045F A045F/DS Sec0 Support
Fix qualcomm load UFS Firmware bugs
Fix Xiaomi Qualcomm Erase ID relock bugs
Fix known bugs

EVONDT | EVOTool Version 1.0.24 | Vivo Preloader Exploit, New UI.

add vivo mtk6765 preloader support
add vivo mtk6768 preloader support
add vivo mtk6877 preloader support
add vivo mtk6769 preloader support
add vivo mtk6762 preloader support
fix mtk factory reset flash misc bugs

Evo tool vivo mtk powerful update preloader port unlock all mtk cpu (2023)

EVONDT | EVOTool Version 1.3.1.

add honor flash ic and vivo bugs fix

  • add honor mtk 6769 New Flash IC Support
  • disable vivo preloader to brom
  • fix vivo qualcomm erase userdata bugs
  • add vivo x60 pro support

EVONDT | EVOTool Version 1.3.0

Add mtk 5G Flash IC

  • Add mtk6833 new flash support
  • Add mtk6853 new flash support
  • Add mtk6873 new flash support
  • Add mtk6885 new flash support
  • Add mtk6891 new flash support

EVONDT | EVOTool Version 1.2.9.

add samsung preloader da

  • Add Samsung A037M A042F T220 T225 preloader boot
  • fix qualcomm erase partition bugs
  • adjust qualcomm dump flash generate raw and patch xml file
  • adjust qaulcomm dump flash grenerate main gpt and backup gpt file
  • Improve usb reverse connection
  • test point tool adds support for more models

EVONDT | EVOTool Version 1.2.8.

mtk 6781 add

  • add mtk 6781 cpu supported
  • add samsung Galaxy A04 SM-A045F(Mediatek) preloader loader(may KG Locked devices not work for FRP remove)
  • fix mate50 and mate50 download firehose bugs

EVONDT | EVOTool Version 1.2.6 - New Update mate50 mate50 pro add.

First in the world support huawei mate50 mate50 pro<without chip damage>
support backup firmwaer\erase any partition\write flash\remove cloud accout id\frp…

new devices add:

add teclast T50
add lava t81n

fix qualcomm read gpt not show all partition bugs
fix load some spreadtrun pac firmware error bugs <thanks solusi hp feedback>

EVONDT | EVOTool Version 1.2.5 - mate50 mate50 pro add.

First in the world support huawei mate50 mate50 pro
support backup firmwaer\erase any partition\write flash\remove cloud accout id\frp…

new devices add:

add teclast T50
add lava t81n

fix qualcomm read gpt not show all partition bugs

EVONDT | EVOTool Version 1.2.4 New Update - Honor huawei spreadtrum chip.


feature news:

  • Add huawei honor phones .APP firmware flash,support multiple choice or single choice txt firmware in upgrade mode
  • Add huawei honor phones .app firmware flash in fastboot mode
    with this you can downgrade device version;fastboot support HarmonyOS downgrade to emui ,even HarmonyOS to EMUI 9 also tested
    support com1.0 boot,not all the kirin chip

BEST TOOL for spreadtrum or unisoc chip now!!

in sprd tool,

  • you can backup firmware,flash pac firmware,flash the backup,
    you can edit the fixnv repair the imei, first in the world support sprd meid repair
  • you can flash the backup prodnv fix the tee error after kill with others tool
  • support diag factory reset
  • support diag repair imei ,wlan mac,bt mac…
    you can erase any partition

honor and huawei qualcomm cloud account remove without chip damage

a lot device add ,some set not tested;if you get any bugs please ask support get help

Device add:
Lenovo Phones add

A5 L18021(Mediatek)
A6 Note L608(Mediatek)
A8 2020 L10041 (Mediatek)
Docomo D-42A(Qualcomm)
K5 Note L38012(Qualcomm)
K5 Pro L38041(Qualcomm)
K5S L38031(Mediatek)
K9 L38043(Mediatek)
LEGION Y700 TB-9707F(Qualcomm)
Legion 2 Pro L70081(Qualcomm)
Legion Pro 5G L79031(Qualcomm)
Legion Y90 L71061(Qualcomm)
S5 Pro GT L58091(Qualcomm)
S5 Pro L58041(Qualcomm)
TAB-8 Plus TB-8704V(Qualcomm)
TAB-8 Plus TB-8704X(Qualcomm)
TAB-8 TB-8505F(Mediatek)
TAB-8 TB-8505FS(Mediatek)
TAB-8 TB-8505X(Mediatek)
TAB-8 TB-8505XC(Mediatek)
TAB-8 TB-8505XS(Mediatek)
TAB-E10 TB-X104F(Qualcomm)
TAB-E10 TB-X104F1(Qualcomm)
TAB-E10 TB-X104L(Qualcomm)
TAB-E10 TB-X104X(Qualcomm)
TAB-K10 TB-X6C6F(Mediatek)
TAB-K10 TB-X6C6L(Mediatek)
TAB-K10 TB-X6C6NBF(Mediatek)
TAB-K10 TB-X6C6NBL(Mediatek)
TAB-K10 TB-X6C6NBX(Mediatek)
TAB-K10 TB-X6C6X(Mediatek)
TAB-M10 3rd Gen TB-128FU(Qualcomm)
TAB-M10 3rd Gen TB-128XU(Qualcomm)
TAB-M10 FHD Rel TB-X605LC(Qualcomm)
TAB-M10 HD 2nd Gen TB-X306V(Mediatek)
TAB-M10 HD TB-X505F(Qualcomm)
TAB-M10 HD TB-X505L(Qualcomm)
TAB-M10 HD TB-X505X(Qualcomm)
TAB-M10 Plus 3rd Gen TB-125FU(Mediatek)
TAB-M10 Plus FHD 2nd Gen TB-X606F(Mediatek)
TAB-M10 Plus FHD 2nd Gen TB-X606FA(Mediatek)
TAB-M10 Plus FHD 2nd Gen TB-X606V(Mediatek)
TAB-M10 Plus FHD 2nd Gen TB-X606X(Mediatek)
TAB-M10 Plus FHD 2nd Gen TB-X606XA(Mediatek)
TAB-M10 Plus TB-X306F(Mediatek)
TAB-M10 Plus TB-X306FA(Mediatek)
TAB-M10 Plus TB-X306X(Mediatek)
TAB-M10 Plus TB-X306XA(Mediatek)
TAB-M10 TB-X605F(Qualcomm)
TAB-M10 TB-X605L(Qualcomm)
TAB-M7 Gen3 TB-7306X(Mediatek)
TAB-M7 TB-7305F(Mediatek)
TAB-M7 TB-7305I(Mediatek)
TAB-M7 TB-7305X(Mediatek)
TAB-M8 3rd Gen TB-8506F(Mediatek)
TAB-M8 3rd Gen TB-8506FS(Mediatek)
TAB-M8 3rd Gen TB-8506X(Mediatek)
TAB-M8 3rd Gen TB-8506XS(Mediatek)
TAB-M8 4th Gen TB-300FU(Mediatek)
TAB-M8 FHD TB-8705F(Mediatek)
TAB-M8 FHD TB-8705X(Mediatek)
TAB-M9 TB-310FU(Mediatek)
TAB-P10 TB-X705F(Qualcomm)
TAB-P10 TB-X705L(Qualcomm)
TAB-P11 2nd GenTB-350FU(Mediatek)
TAB-P11 2nd GenTB-350XU(Mediatek)
TAB-P11 5G TB-J607Z(Qualcomm)
TAB-P11 Plus TB-J616F(Mediatek)
TAB-P11 Plus TB-J616X(Mediatek)
TAB-P11 Pro 2021 TB-J716F(Qualcomm)
TAB-P11 Pro 2nd Gen TB-132FU(Mediatek)
TAB-P11 Pro TB-J706F(Qualcomm)
TAB-P11 Pro TB-J706L(Qualcomm)
TAB-P11 TB-J606F(Qualcomm)
TAB-P11 TB-J606L(Qualcomm)
TAB-P11 TB-J606X(Mediatek)
TAB-P12 Pro TB-Q706F(Qualcomm)
TAB-P12 Pro TB-Q706Z(Qualcomm)
TAB-V7 PB-6505M(Qualcomm)
TAB-V7 PB-6505MC(Qualcomm)
TAB-V7 PB-6505Y(Qualcomm)
YOGA Smart Tab YT-X705F(Qualcomm)
YOGA Smart Tab YT-X705L(Qualcomm)
YOGA Smart Tab YT-X705X(Qualcomm)
YOGA TAB-13 YT-K606F(Qualcomm)
Yoga TAB-11 YT-J706F(Mediatek)
Yoga TAB-11 YT-J706X(Mediatek)
Z5 L78011(Qualcomm)
Z5 Pro L78031(Qualcomm)
Z5 Pro GT L78032(Qualcomm)
Z5s L78071(Qualcomm)
Z6 L78121(Qualcomm)
Z6 Pro L78051(Qualcomm)
Z6 Pro 5G L79041(Qualcomm)
Z6 Youth L38111(Qualcomm)
Zelda L70121(Qualcomm)

Motorola devices add
E 2020 XT2052(Qualcomm)
E22i XT2239(Mediatek)
E32s XT2229(Mediatek)
E5 Plus XT1924(Qualcomm)
E5 XT1944(Qualcomm)
E6 Play XT1921(Qualcomm)
E6 Play XT2029(Mediatek)
E6 Plus P160AN(Mediatek)
E6 Plus P160CN(Mediatek)
E6 XT2005(Qualcomm)
E6s XT2053(Mediatek)
E7 Plus XT2081(Qualcomm)
E7 Power XT2097-5(Mediatek)
E7 Power XT2097-6(Mediatek)
E7 Power XT2097-7(Mediatek)
E7 XT2095(Mediatek)
EDGE 20 Lite XT2139(Mediatek)
EDGE 20 Pro XT2153(Qualcomm)
EDGE 20 XT2143(Qualcomm)
EDGE 30 XT2203(Qualcomm)
EDGE 30 Neo XT2245(Qualcomm)
EDGE X30 XT2201(Qualcomm)
EDGE XT2205(Mediatek)
Edge 5G XT2063(Qualcomm)
Edge+ XT2061(Qualcomm)
G 5G Plus XT2075(Qualcomm)
G 5G XT2213(Mediatek)
G Play 2021 XT2093(Qualcomm)
G Power XT2165(Mediatek)
G Power XT2117(Qualcomm)
G Pure XT2163(Mediatek)
G Stylus 5G XT2215(Qualcomm)
G Stylus 5G XT2131(Qualcomm)
G Stylus XT2043(Qualcomm)
G Stylus XT2115(Qualcomm)
G Stylus XT2211(Mediatek)
G10 XT2127(Qualcomm)
G100 XT2154(Qualcomm)
G200 5G XT21715(Qualcomm)
G22 XT2231(Mediatek)
G30 XT2129(Qualcomm)
G31 XT2173(Mediatek)
G41 XT2167(Mediatek)
G42 XT2233(Qualcomm)
G50 5G XT2149(Mediatek)
G50 XT2135(Qualcomm)
G51 5G XT2171(Qualcomm)
G52 XT2221(Qualcomm)
G6 Play XT1922(Qualcomm)
G6 Plus XT1926(Qualcomm)
G60 XT2135(Qualcomm)
G60s XT2133(Mediatek)
G62 5G XT2223(Qualcomm)
G7 Play XT1952(Qualcomm)
G7 Plus XT1965(Qualcomm)
G7 Power XT1955(Qualcomm)
G7 XT1962(Qualcomm)
G71 5G XT2169(Qualcomm)
G72 XT2255(Mediatek)
G8 Play XT2015(Mediatek)
G8 Plus XT2019(Qualcomm)
G8 Power Lite XT2055(Mediatek)
G8 Power XT2041(Qualcomm)
G8 XT2045(Qualcomm)
G82 XT2225(Qualcomm)
G9 Play XT2081(Qualcomm)
G9 Power 2021 XT2091(Qualcomm)
G9+ Plus XT2087(Qualcomm)
One 5G Ace XT2113(Qualcomm)
One Fusion XT2073(Qualcomm)
One Fusion+ XT2067(Qualcomm)
One Hyper XT2027(Qualcomm)
One Macro XT2016(Mediatek)
One Power XT1943(Qualcomm)
One XT1941(Qualcomm)
One Zoom XT2010(Qualcomm)
RAZR 2022 XT2251(Qualcomm)
Razr 2019 XT2000(Qualcomm)
Razr 5G XT2071(Qualcomm)
S30 Pro XT2243(Qualcomm)
TAB G20(Mediatek)
TAB G70 LTE(Mediatek)
TAB G70(Mediatek)
X30 Pro XT2241(Qualcomm)
Z3 Play XT1929(Qualcomm)
Z4 XT1980(Qualcomm)

Nokia Phone spreadtrum diag factory reset add

TA-1204 Nokia C2(Spreadtrun)
TA-1233 Nokia C2(Spreadtrun)
TA-1239 Nokia C3(Spreadtrun)
TA-1258 Nokia C3(Spreadtrun)
TA-1292 Nokia C3(Spreadtrun)
TA-1298 Nokia C3(Spreadtrun)
TA-1306 Nokia C1 Plus(Spreadtrun)
TA-1308 Nokia C1 Plus(Spreadtrun)
TA-1309 Nokia C1 Plus(Spreadtrun)
TA-1312 Nokia C1 Plus(Spreadtrun)
TA-1314 Nokia C1 Plus(Spreadtrun)
TA-1318 Nokia C1 Plus(Spreadtrun)
TA-1320 Nokia C1 Plus(Spreadtrun)
TA-1339 Nokia C20(Spreadtrun)
TA-1342 Nokia C10(Spreadtrun)
TA-1345 Nokia C30(Spreadtrun)
TA-1348 Nokia C20(Spreadtrun)
TA-1352 Nokia C20(Spreadtrun)
TA-1356 Nokia C20(Spreadtrun)
TA-1357 Nokia C30(Spreadtrun)
TA-1359 Nokia C30(Spreadtrun)
TA-1360 Nokia C30(Spreadtrun)
TA-1366 Nokia C20 Plus(Spreadtrun)
TA-1369 Nokia C30(Spreadtrun)
TA-1377 Nokia C30(Spreadtrun)
TA-1379 Nokia C01 Plus(Spreadtrun)
TA-1380 Nokia C1 2nd Edition(Spreadtrun)
TA-1382 Nokia C01 Plus(Spreadtrun)
TA-1383 Nokia C01 Plus(Spreadtrun)
TA-1387 Nokia C01 Plus(Spreadtrun)
TA-1388 Nokia C20 Plus(Spreadtrun)
TA-1391 Nokia C01 Plus(Spreadtrun)
TA-1392 Nokia T20(Spreadtrun)
TA-1394 Nokia T20(Spreadtrun)
TA-1396 Nokia C01 Plus(Spreadtrun)
TA-1397 Nokia T20(Spreadtrun)
TA-1401 Nokia G11(Spreadtrun)
TA-1404 Nokia G21(Spreadtrun)
TA-1405 Nokia G21(Spreadtrun)
TA-1408 Nokia G11 Plus(Spreadtrun)
TA-1412 Nokia G21(Spreadtrun)
TA-1413 Nokia G11 Plus(Spreadtrun)
TA-1415 Nokia G21(Spreadtrun)
TA-1418 Nokia G21(Spreadtrun)
TA-1421 Nokia G11 Plus(Spreadtrun)
TA-1424 Nokia C21 Plus(Spreadtrun)
TA-1425 Nokia C21 Plus(Spreadtrun)
TA-1426 Nokia C21 Plus(Spreadtrun)
TA-1429 Nokia G11 Plus(Spreadtrun)
TA-1431 Nokia C21 Plus(Spreadtrun)
TA-1433 Nokia C21 Plus(Spreadtrun)
TA-1444 Nokia C21 Plus(Spreadtrun)
TA-1446 Nokia C2 2nd Edition(Spreadtrun)
TA-1452 Nokia C2 2nd Edition(Spreadtrun)
TA-1454 Nokia C2 2nd Edition(Spreadtrun)
TA-1457 Nokia T10(Spreadtrun)
TA-1462 Nokia T10(Spreadtrun)
TA-1466 Nokia C21(Spreadtrun)
TA-1468 Nokia C2 2nd Edition(Spreadtrun)
TA-1471 Nokia C2 2nd Edition(Spreadtrun)
TA-1472 Nokia T10(Spreadtrun)
TA-1477 Nokia G11(Spreadtrun)
TA-1493 Nokia C31(Spreadtrun)
TA-1495 Nokia T21(Spreadtrun)
TA-1497 Nokia C31(Spreadtrun)
TA-1499 Nokia C31(Spreadtrun)
TA-1503 Nokia T10(Spreadtrun)
TA-1512 Nokia T10(Spreadtrun)

OPPO Realme Spreadtrun chip add read info\read flash\write flash(pac firmware and backup firmware)
Realme C11 RMX3231(Spreadtrun)
Realme C21Y(Spreadtrun)
Realme C25Y RMX3265(Spreadtrun)
Realme C30 RMX3581(Spreadtrun)
Realme C31 RMX3501(Spreadtrun)
Realme C33 RMX3624(Spreadtrun)
Realme C35 RMX3511(Spreadtrun)
Realme Narzo 50i prime RMX3506(Spreadtrun) beta

A035F(Spreadtrun) support backup and flash pac,backup firmware,imei repair
A032F(Spreadtrun) support backup and flash pac,backup firmware,imei repair
A035F_U2(Spreadtrun)support backup and flash pac,backup firmware,imei repair

EVONDT EVOTool Version 1.2.3 New Update (Samsung Sprd,honor 80)

First in the World

Add Samsung A035F U2 Frp unlock one click Support

Add Honor 80 ANN Qualcomm 782G Full Support

Read Flash\Write Flash\One Click Remove cloud ID\FRP\Factory Reset…

Download EVONDT Tool Setup 👍

Version: 1.2.0

File Size: 12.71 MB

Link Last Updated: September 11, 2023


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