Oppo A37F Reset Pin, Pattern, Password without Data Loss

How to remove the pattern, passcode from oppo a37f from EDL mode. Remove or Read Pattern using Infinity CM2 QLM Tool. Here is an easy solution to get data back from your locked phone.

How to Read Pattern from Oppo A37f, A37fw

This is a tested solution, you need CM2QLM Tool and Qualcomm Drivers

  • First of all, install Qualcomm QDloader 9008 Drivers and Cm2QLM, connect Cm2 dongle or box
  • open CM2QLM.exe and click on UserData
  • if you want to Read Pattern Lock just Click on “Read PatterLock” or for other types of locks Click on “Reset Userlocks
  • power off your phone and wait some seconds until it completely turns off
  • Now connect your phone with USB cable holding Vol Down+Vol Up buttons.
  • CM2QLM will process and the phone will restart
  • Wait almost 5~10 minutes to completely boot up the phone
  • if the phone is not turning on and hang on OPPO logo then press and hold Vol Down+ Vol Up + Power button to forcibly turn off and restart.
  • Your phone will be turned on completely and you will see there is no pattern or pin code lock and you can get your data back
  • If you have any problem just comment below the post

Operation : Reset UserLocks [ v1.16 ]

  1. Power Off Phone , Remove battery , Insert back
  3. Insert USB cable. In some cases require use EDL cable or TP to force EDL mode!

Wait for phone…
Device Found!
Initialize …
Handshake passed!
ID_BLOCK_I : SnapDragon 410 [MSM8916]
ID_BLOCK_S : 2080C755
ID_BLOCK_L : 5292C836A10D3A35124789965128A8A0
ID_BLOCK_L : 5B2A943738AB13903580D50200EFF9C2
Use CM2 Internal Loader
Loader Sent! Initializing …
Running FireHose on BBID : MSM8916 , FLASH : eMMC , mVER : 1
MemInfo : 0x0003 / 0x0200 / 0x00000003A3E00000 [ eMMC 16 GiB ]
ExtInfo : 0x00004000/00004000/00001000/00001000/00000200
Boot Ok!

Direct access : Ok!
Processing step #1
Processing step #2
Processing step #3
Processing step #4
Processing step #5
Processing step #6
Processing step #7

UserLocks reset passed!

  1. Power On phone, wait 30-50 second, press and hold PowerOn button until device restart!
  2. To disable/remove fingerprints enter in Settings -> FingerPrint, set any password, remove fingerprints
  3. In some cases require reboot phone twice or wait up to 5 minutes!

Elapsed: 00:00:50

Reconnect Power/Cable!

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