How to Enable IMEI Write options in Infinity CM2 – One-Click Solution

Looking for a solution about “How to enable/unhide IMEI options in CM2” then you can use this one-click method. No need CM2 Dongle Manager. This method is very simple and efficient. This is a simple CMD Script which Enables IMEI options for

  • CM2MTK
  • CM2SPD
  • CM2MT2
  • CM2SCR
  • CM2RDA
  • BEST
  • BEST2

Manual Method

In the Manual Method, you need to first install Infinity CM2 software, then go to C:\InfinityBox and you will find here installation directory. Enable Filename Extension and Open each directory and make a Text File then rename it as and restart the software

Remember .off must be file extension unless it would not work

Easy Method

In this Method, you need to just download a simple CMD script and just execute and it will do task for you. file is safe scanned by KASPERSKY


Infinity Dongle Manager

one-click enable IMEI options .exe

Video Help

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