iPwnder v1.1 FREE Windows Tool By Gautam Great

iPwnder v1.1 for windows new tool put your device into Pwned Dfu mode by using this free tool. This tool is developed by Gautam Great and is very useful when You have to Bypass iOS 15.x or 16.x devices include iPhones, iPad, and iPods.

With this new tool for windows iPwnder_v1.1, you can put your device into PwnDfu mode easily on a windows PC. This tool only supports checm8 devices, which means A9 A10, and A11 chipset devices can be Pwnd dfu by this tool.


FIXED ISSUE WITH 6S iPwnder for Windows free for all?

tested device iPhone 7, iPhone XNote:

How to Use This Tool

  • First of all, Download iPwnder v1.1 and Extract it to your desktop.
  • Download and install USBDK Drivers and restart the PC once
  • Make sure You Have installed Latest iTunes Software.
  • Power off Your iOS 15.x or 16.x Device and Turn Back to DFU Mode

If You Don’t know what DFU mode is then see this post for a better understanding

  • Connect Your Phone with your PC and Just click on “Run iPwnder” and all done.

If You face some errors while doing this job then try these Fixes to get succeeded.

  • Replace Data Cable / Port (Recommend Using High-Quality cable or Genuine one)
  • Reinstall USB DK Drivers
  • Restart PC
  • Clean Flash using iTunes or 3uTools and try again
  • For Hello Screen Devices Boot Your phone to DFU Mode and then click on Exploit
  • After Exploit Done, click on Boot Ramdisk
  • Just after Booting Ramdisk click on “Change Device Serial Number
  • Now again Exploit and Boot Ramdisk, click on “Bypass Hello Screen iOS 15
  • All Done!

Download iPwnder Tool v1.1

Version: 1.1

File Size: 16.22 MB

Link Last Updated: November 7, 2022

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