Download USBDK Drivers v1.0.22 Windows 32bit & 64bit

Here is the latest version of the USBDK Drivers installer x86 & x64

UsbDk (USB Development Kit) is an open-source library for Windows meant to provide user mode applications with direct and exclusive access to USB devices by detaching those from the Windows PNP manager and device drivers and providing user mode with API for USB-specific operations on the device.

The library is intended to be as generic as possible, and support all types of USB devices, bulk, and isochronous transfers, composite devices, etc.

The library supports all Windows OS versions starting from Windows XP/2003.

Download USBDK Drivers v1.0.22

Version: 1.00.22

File Size: 10.7 MB

Link Last Updated: October 3, 2022

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