Download SPD Flash Tool (Upgrade Tool) R25.20.3901 – How to Use

Download the latest version of the SPD Upgrade tool R25.20.3901 also known as SPD Flash Tool. you can also download older versions. In this article, you can learn how to flash any SPD smartphone with this tool.

Download SPD Upgrade Tool

FileFile SizeDownload Link
SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R25.20.39019.41 MB [ddownload id=”5791″]
SPD Flash Tool R23.0.0001 2.4 MB[ddownload id=”527″]
SPD Flash Tool R22.0.0001 2.98 MB [ddownload id=”529″]
SPD Flash Tool R21.0.0001 2.98 MB [ddownload id=”530″]
SPD Flash Tool R19.0.0001 2.21 MB [ddownload id=”531″]
SPD Flash Tool R17.17.1202 2.96 MB [ddownload id=”533″]
SPD Flash Tool R17.0.0001 2.85 MB [ddownload id=”532″]
SPD Flash Tool R4.0.0001 2.84 MB [ddownload id=”534″]
SPD Flash Tool R3.0.0001 1.1 MB [ddownload id=”535″]
SPD Flash Tool R2.9.9015 1.07 MB [ddownload id=”536″]
SPD Flash Tool R2.9.9009 1.7 MB [ddownload id=”537″]
SPD Flash Tool R2.9.9008 878 KB [ddownload id=”538″]
SPD Flash Tool R2.9.9005 12.9 MB [ddownload id=”540″]
SPD Flash Tool R2.9.9001 868 KB [ddownload id=”541″]
SPD Flash Tool R2.9.7008 864 KB [ddownload id=”542″]
SPD Flash Tool R2.9.7007 860 KB [ddownload id=”543″]
SPD Flash Tool R2.9.7006 1.17 MB [ddownload id=”544″]
SPD Flash Tool R2.9.7003 853 KB [ddownload id=”545″]
SPD Flash Tool R2.9.7001838 KB [ddownload id=”546″]
SPD Flash Tool R2.9.6004 879 KB [ddownload id=”547″]

How to Flash?

This tool is very easy to understand and the steps are straightforward. follow the steps below to get 100% success on flashing SPD phones.

Download and install SPD Drivers or CM2SPD Drivers Restart PC

Open ResearchDownload.exe or UpgradeDownload.exe and click on the first icon

Then select .PAC firmware file and click on open. It will start loading(in background extracting firmware package)

After that click on Start Button and connect your phone withholding both Volume keys or one of them.

Flashing will start and finish with Success(Green) or Fail(Red) text on the Progress bar

If it shows fails then try some of these fixes

  • Reinstall USB Drivers
  • Make sure you are flashing the same FW version and factory signed images
  • Change USB Cable or Change PC
  • Clean USB Jack Port with MBC(Motherboard Cleaner) or with Thinner.

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