SONY Lock Remove Firmwares: All Models FTF Firmware

Download SONY all Remove Lock Firmwares. Sony FTF Firmware to remove lock screen include pattern, password and pin. You can Search your Lock Remove Firmware from Table Search section. You need Sony Flash Tool or any professional tool to flash these .ftf files.

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File NameFile SizeFile TypeDownload Link
C1504_Xperia E.ftf193 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1933"]
C1505_Xperia E.ftf193 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1934"]
C1604_Xperia E Dual.ftf193 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1935"]
C1605_Xperia E Dual.ftf193 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1936"]
C1904 _Xperia M.ftf274 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1937"]
C1905_Xperia M.ftf274 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1938"]
C2004_Xperia M Dual.ftf302 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1939"]
C2005_Xperia M Dual.ftf270 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1940"]
C2104_Xperia L.ftf251 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1941"]
C2105_Xperia L.ftf251 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1942"]
C2305_Xperia C HSPA+.ftf190 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1943"]
C5302_Xperia SP HSPA+.ftf511 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1945"]
C5303_Xperia SP LTE.ftf511 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1946"]
C5306_Xperia SP LTE.ftf592 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1947"]
C5502 xperia zr lock remove.ftf499 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1948"]
C5502_Xperia ZR HSPA+.ftf
565 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1949"]
C5503_Xperia ZR LTE.ftf
565 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1950"]
C6502_Xperia ZL HSPA+.ftf
822 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1951"]
C6503_Xperia Z2 LTE-A.ftf
822 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1952"]
C6506_Xperia ZL LTE.ftf
822 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1953"]
C6602_Xperia Z HSPA+.ftf
822 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1954"]
C6603_Xperia Z LTE.ftf
822 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1955"]
C6606_Xperia Z LTE.ftf
756 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1956"]
C6616_Xperia Z LTE.ftf
822 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1957"]
C6802_Xperia Ultra HSPA+.ftf
755 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1958"]
C6806_Xperia Ultra LTE.ftf
768 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1959"]
C6833_Xperia Ultra LTE.ftf
768 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1960"]
C6833_Xperia Z Ultra LTE.ftf
812 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1961"]
C6843_Xperia Ultra LTE.ftf
768 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1962"]
C6902_Xperia Z1 HSPA CHAIN.ftf
798 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1963"]
C6902_Xperia Z1 HSPA+.ftf
798 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1964"]
C6903_Xperia Z1 LTE.ftf
798 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1965"]
C6906_Xperia Z1 LTE.ftf
800 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2210"]
C6916_Xperia Z1s LTE-A.ftf
797 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2211"]
C6916_Xperia Z1S LTE.ftf
829 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2212"]
C6943_Xperia Z1.ftf
800 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2213"]
D2004_Xperia E1.ftf
306 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2215"]
D2005_Xperia E1.ftf
306 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2216"]
D2104_Xperia E1 Dual.ftf
306 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2217"]
D2105_Xperia E1 Dual.ftf
306 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2218"]
D2114_Xperia E1 Tv Dual.ftf
306 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2219"]
D2203_d2202 hard reset.ftf
89.2 MBFTF File[ddownload id="2220"]
D2302_Xperia M2 Dual.ftf
509 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2221"]
D2303_Xperia M2 LTE-A.ftf
509 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2222"]
D2403_Xperia M2 Aqua LTE-A.ftf
509 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2225"]
D2406_Xperia M2 Aqua LTE-A.ftf 509 KB
FTF File[ddownload id="2226"]
D2502_Xperia C3 Dual.ftf
518 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2227"]
D5303_Xperia T2 Ultra LTE-A.ftf
499 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2228"]
D5306_Xperia T2 Ultra LTE-A.ftf
530 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2229"]
D5503_Xperia Z1 Compact.ftf
800 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2230"]
E10a_Xperia X10 Mini.ftf
1.4 MBFTF File[ddownload id="2231"]
E10i_Xperia X10 Min.ftf
1.4 MBFTF File[ddownload id="2232"]
E15a_Xperia X8.ftf
1.4 MBFTF File[ddownload id="2233"]
E15i_Xperia X8.ftf1.4 MB
FTF File[ddownload id="2234"]
E16i_W8 Walkman.ftf1.4 MB
FTF File[ddownload id="2236"]
E6533 Z3+_28.0.A.7.24_R7A_Lock Code.ftf
113.5 MBFTF File[ddownload id="2237"]
108.6 MBFTF File[ddownload id="2238"]
LT18a lock remove.ftf
179 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2239"]
LT18i lock remove.ftf
179 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2240"]
LT22i lock remove.ftf
230 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2241"]
LT26i lock remove.ftf
247 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2242"]
LT29i lock remove.ftf
238 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2243"]
ST21i_Xperia tipo.ftf
4.4 MBFTF File[ddownload id="2244"]
W8 Walkman E16i_2.1.1.A.0_unlock file.ftf
1.4 MBFTF File[ddownload id="2245"]
WT19a Walkman_4.1.B.0.587_lock remove.ftf
111 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2247"]
WT19i Walkman_4.1.B.0.587_lock remove.ftf
111 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2248"]
3.3 MBFTF File[ddownload id="2249"]
Xpera E3 Dual D2212_18.4.B.1.20_lock remove.ftf
87.9 MBFTF File[ddownload id="2250"]
Xperia X10a_3.0.1.G.0.75_lock remove.ftf171 KB
FTF File[ddownload id="2251"]
Xperia C C2305_16.0.B.2.16_lock remove.ftf
190 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2252"]
Xperia C3 D2533_19.2.A.0.391_lock remove.ftf
518 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2253"]
Xperia C3 Dual D2502_19.2.A.0.391_lock remove.ftf
518 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2254"]
Xperia E C1504_11.3.A.2.33_lock remove.ftf193 KB
FTF File[ddownload id="2255"]
Xperia E C1505_11.3.A.2.33_lock remove.ftf
193 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2256"]
Xperia E Dual C1604_11.3.A.2.1_lock remove.ftf
193 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2257"]
Xperia E Dual C1605_11.3.A.1.39_lock remove.ftf
193 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2258"]
Xperia E1 D2005_20.1.A.2.13_lock remove.ftf
306 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2259"]
Xperia E1 Dual D2105_20.1.B.0.64_lock remove.ftf
306 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2260"]
Xperia E4 Dual E2124_24.0.B.3.8_R5A lock remove.ftf
94.5 MBFTF File[ddownload id="2262"]
Xperia E4 E2104 24.0.A.5.14_R4A lock remove.ftf
94.5 MBFTF File[ddownload id="2263"]
Xperia Go ST27i_6.2.A.1.100_lock remove.ftf229 KB
FTF File[ddownload id="2264"]
Xperia J ST26i_11.2.A.0.31_lock remove.ftf
181 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2265"]
Xperia L C2104_15.3.A.1.17_lock remove.ftf251 KB
FTF File[ddownload id="2266"]
Xperia L C2105_15.3.A.1.17_lock remove.ftf251 KB
FTF File[ddownload id="2267"]
Xperia M C1904_15.4.A.1.9_lock remove.ftf274 KB
FTF File[ddownload id="2268"]
Xperia M C1905_15.4.A.1.9_lock remove.ftf
274 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2269"]
Xperia M Dual C2004_15.5.A.1.5_lock remove.ftf
270 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2270"]
Xperia M Dual C2005_15.5.A.1.5_lock remove.ftf
270 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2271"]
Xperia M2 Aqua LTE-A D2403_18.3.C.0.37_lock remove.ftf
509 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2272"]
Xperia M2 D2303_18.3.C.0.37_lock remove.ftf509 KB
FTF File[ddownload id="1909"]
Xperia M2 Dual D2302_18.3.B.0.31_lock remove.ftf509 KB
FTF File[ddownload id="1910"]
Xperia M4 Aqua E2303, E2353_8GB_26.1.A.2.99_R3A_lock remove.ftf98.1 MB
FTF File[ddownload id="1911"]
Xperia mini pro SK17i_4.1.B.0.587_lock remove.ftf
179 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1912"]
Xperia miro ST23i_11.0.A.5.5_lock remove.ftf
4.3 MBFTF File[ddownload id="1913"]
Xperia Neo MT11i_4.1.B.0.587_lock remove.ftf111 KB
FTF File[ddownload id="1914"]
Xperia P LT22i_6.2.A.1.100_lock remove.ftf230 KB
FTF File[ddownload id="1915"]
Xperia play R800i_4.0.2.A.0.62_lock remove.ftf 190 KB
FTF File[ddownload id="1916"]
Xperia Ray ST18i_4.1.B.0.587_lock remove.ftf111 KB
FTF File[ddownload id="1917"]
Xperia SL LT26ii_6.2.B.1.96_lock remove.ftf
247 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1918"]
Xperia SP C5303_12.1.A.1.205_lock remove.ftf
511 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1919"]
Xperia T LT30p_9.2.A.1.199_lock remove.ftf
238 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1920"]
Xperia T2 Ultra Dual D5322_19.1.1.C.0.56_lock remove.ftf
499 KBFTF File[ddownload id="1921"]
Xperia T3 D5102_18.2.A.1.18_lock remove.ftf
88.1 MBFTF File[ddownload id="1922"]
Xperia T3 D5103_18.1.A.1.21_lock remove.ftf
88.1 MBFTF File[ddownload id="1923"]
Xperia Tipo ST21i_11.0.A.4.22_lock remove.ftf 4.3 MB
FTF File[ddownload id="1924"]
Xperia U ST25i_6.1.1.B.1.10_lock remove.ftf336 KB
FTF File[ddownload id="1925"]
Xperia Ultra C6802 lock remove.ftf755 KB
FTF File[ddownload id="2190"]
Xperia V LT25i_9.2.A.2.5_lock remove.ftf250 KB
FTF File[ddownload id="2191"]
Xperia X8 E15i_2.1.1.A.0.6_lock remove.ftf1.4 MB
FTF File[ddownload id="2192"]
Xperia X8 E15a_2.1.1.A.0.6_lock remove.ftf 1.4 MB
FTF File[ddownload id="2193"]
Xperia X10 Mini E10a_2.1.1.A.0.6_lock remove.ftf1.4 MB
FTF File[ddownload id="2194"]
Xperia X10 Mini E10i_2.1.1.A.0.6_lock remove.ftf
1.4 MBFTF File[ddownload id="2195"]
Xperia X10 mini pro U20a_2.1.1.A.0.6_lock remove.ftf1.4 MB
FTF File[ddownload id="2196"]
Xperia X10 mini pro U20i_2.1.1.A.0.6_lock remove.ftf
1.4 MBFTF File[ddownload id="2197"]
Xperia X10i_3.0.1.G.0.75_lock remove.ftf171 KB
FTF File[ddownload id="2198"]
Xperia Z C6602_5.1.A.0.283_lock remove.ftf
769 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2199"]
Xperia Z LTE C6603_10.5.1.A.0.283_lock remove.ftf
769 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2201"]
Xperia Z Ultra C6833 14.4.A.0.108 Customized UK lock remove.ftf760 KB
FTF File[ddownload id="2202"]
Xperia Z1 C6903_14.4.A.0.108_lock remove.ftf
768 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2203"]
Xperia Z1 Compact LTE-A D5503_14.4.A.0.108_lock remove.ftf
768 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2204"]
Xperia Z3 Compact LTE-A D5803_23.0.A.2.93_lock remove.ftf
94.7 MBFTF File[ddownload id="2205"]
Xperia Z3 D6653_23.0.A.2.93_lock remove.ftf
94.7 MBFTF File[ddownload id="2206"]
Xperia ZL C6503_10.5.1.A.0.283_lock remove.ftf
769 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2207"]
Z1 C6602_4.3_lock remove.ftf
756 KBFTF File[ddownload id="2208"]
Z2 D6503_23.0.1.A.0.167_R4B_lock remove.ftf101.2 MBFTF File[ddownload id="2209"]

If you can’t find your required Remove Lock File please comment below.

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