SM-G920T Root S6/U6 REV6: Using Magisk Manager

How to root Samsung s6 G920T Latest security patch on android 7.0. Root your SM-G920T using Magisk Manager. I will provide you best solution for rooting Samsung Galaxy S6 on T-Mobile without any risk.

Why you Need to Root Your Galaxy S6 G920T

I am sure some of us are curious about this question who is a beginner in the GSM Field. If you know better about Root then this site is for you. According to Wikipedia

Rooting is the process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control (known as root access) over various Android subsystems


Many Users Root their phones for installing Custom ROMs. Many developers use this to access System binary Files and make some change to get the best of their phones.

How to Root SM-G920T REV6

I come to our main topic “how to root Samsung s6 on u6/s6 binary version. Before starting to make sure to take the backup of your important data, unless I will not be responsible for any loss. Read carefully all steps Do all on your own risk


Unlock OEM (Bootloader)

To get Root access, our first step is to unlock the bootloader(OEM). That is so easy you need to just turn on USB Debugging (go Settings>About>Build number tap on Build number few times). Goto Settings>USB Debugging and turn on OEM Unlock.

Second Step: Magisk Manager Installing and Patching Boot

Connect your phone with Mobile Data or Wi-Fi. Install Magisk Manager APK. You need Boot.img you can get from Firmware.

Download .MD5 Firmware file , install 7zip(32bit64bit). open as Archive. Drag and drop to extract boot.img. and transfer to your phone.

  • tap on install
  • tap on “Select and Patch a File
  • Select boot.img file
  • wait until the process finish
  • patching is done!!!
  • Connect your phone with your PC. Copy magisk_patched.img from Phone’s Download Folder to your desktop.
  • Rename magisk_patched.img to boot.img and pack to boot.tar using 7zip
  • Now Open Odin3 tap on AP

First boot may take some time, so sit back and patience. The above method is Generic method, You can use this method to make Root for your own phone but keep in mind this is all on your shoulders because we are not responsible for any lost/damage to your data or phone.

If your phone’s Firmware is G920TUVS6FRC1 then you can download already patched boot image.(Link)

Download and flash using Odin3 or any Professional Box.

Finally you got access to Root and you can manage your phone by your own way because this is yours.

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