Realme C2 RMX1941/RMX1945 ISP Pinout – Remove Passcode Lock and FRP

ISP Pinout for Realme C2 RMX1941 and RMX1945 are the same and work with all Jtag Devices including Easy Jtag, UFI Box, Medusa Pro, etc. You can remove pattern/Pin/Passcode offline without flashing using this ISP pinout. You can also remove FRP on Realme C2 using Easy Jtag and UFI Box.

Here we will discuss about “how to remove lock on Realme RMX1941″ using Easy Jtag Without Dead Risk. if you are UFI user then you can also use this pinout.

Help About Connecting ISP Pinout

See the above ISP Pinout picture you only need to solder 4 wires DAT0, CLK, CMD, and GND. Use USB Cable for VCC and VCCQ. If you got trouble soldering CMD point then solder a Jumper wire with a pin like this.

After that connect with ISP Adapter and insert USB Cable without Battery. After That from “Advanced” Tab click on Erase FRP and Erase Userdata. All Done!

Remember !
VCC = 2.8 v, 3.3v
VCCQ = 1.8 v

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