OPPO YOYO R2001 USB Pinout – Charging Ways

Here are Charging ways for oppo R2001 as well as USB pinout. R2001 USB Pinout. R2001 USB Ways for DP DM and VCHG points.

Why you need USB Pinouts for OPPO R2001

You need USB Pinout for Repairing damaged USB points to connect with PC. DP(Data Plus) and DM(Data Minus) are necessory for transmission data from PC to Phone. If you get Bottom PCB Damaged and can’t Repair Charging Port then you need this Pinout to Recover Phone. USB Pinouts needs whenever you have to flash firmware on phone.

Oppo YOYO R2001 USB Pinout

In the Bottom Picture you can See Green Circle, White Circle and Red Circle these are DP,DM and VCHG for oppo r2001.

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