Motorola E4 Mediatek (XT1762) IMEI Repair without Box {Free Solution}

Motorola E4(Mediatek) XT1762 IMEI Repair solution free without box. Xt1762 IMEI Null solution. How to fix “No service” or “Emergency calls only” problem on Xt1762 without Professional Box. The solution is Ready Free for All GSM Friends. Repair IMEI without Flashing or data loss.

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How to Repair IMEI on Motorola E4(MediaTek) XT1762


Back up all of your data including SMS, Contacts, Videos, Photos, and all important data. Backup NVRAM and other Security items. I shall not be responsible for any damage or data loss.




Download MTK Drivers including VCOM and CDC Drivers and install them.

Download and Install MAUi META Tool and open it. Click on Options and Tick “Connect Smart phone into META mode” and click on Reconnect button.

Power off the phone and connect without holding any key and wait until tool reboots the phone into META Mode and show you a window like shown in below image.

Click on “Upload from flash” button and select Database file “BPLGUInfoCustomAppSrcP_MT6735_S00_ANDY_EMEA_V35_1_lwg_1” given in zip.

Again Click on Upload from flash for both SIM_1 and SIM_2 to load IMEI from phone. Replace IMEI numbers with Original IMEI number printed on the back sticker below battery. After that click on “Download to Flash” Button. Disconnect XT1762 from pc and turn it on.

Remember Changing IMEI or cloning IMEI is illegal. This article is only for education purpose only and to restore original IMEI

Finally, you have restored original IMEI and you can see networks are restored. If you face “No Service” or “Emergency calls only” issue then go to settings and make a factory reset once.

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