JAZZ DIGIT 4G Unlock 28 Versions FREE with Keys

Welcome to Allaboutflashing where You will find All paid files free and tested solutions firmware. I am here sharing Jazz digit 4g Unlock Exe 28 version without password and with keys. Download Free and unlock Your Jazz Digit 28 versions( including Digit Classic, Music, Bold, etc) with one click with a single Exe File.

Why You need Unlock File

Jazz Digit 4G Classic and other variants come with Network Locked so that users cannot use other Network SIM in Slot 1(4G supported), That’s why we need to unlock the phone so that we are able to use other networks. We need to Unlock the phone and we can do that by directly unlocking the phone using a professional tool like Furious Gold or Pandora Tool or we can flash Unlock Firmware to do so. Jazz digit 28 versions Exe supported 28 versions to unlock You can check the list below

  1. 201016v1 Classic
  2. 210831v4 Classic
  3. 210203v3 Classic
  4. 201125v2 Classic
  5. 210902v2 Classic
  6. 200808v1 Classic
  7. 210812r2 Classic
  8. 200916v1 Classic
  9. 201111v2 Bold
  10. 200902r1 Bold
  11. 210319r3 Bold
  12. 210812r2 Bold
  13. 210128r2 Bold
  14. 210715v2 Bold
  15. 211028v4 bold
  16. 210401v1 Bold
  17. 210922v3 Bold
  18. 210415v1 Elite
  19. 210809v2 Elite
  20. 210806v3 Elite
  21. 201125v2 Elite
  22. 211102v4 Elite
  23. 200619v1 Elite
  24. 210809v2 Elite
  25. 210716r3 Music
  26. 211101r4 music
  27. 201231r1 music
  28. 210805v3 Defender

How to Use this Exe

  • First of all, Turn off the defender or another antivirus because it may detect it as a Virus(False).
  • Download and Install MediaTek Drivers.
  • Download, Extract and Filter LibUsbFilter exist is MCT Bypass Tool
  • Extract Jazz Digit 4G Unlock 28 Version.zip it contains EXE and Jazz Digit 4G Keys 28in1.zip (it does not need any password)
  • Extract Jazz Digit 4G Keys 28in1.zip by password=jazz28#v (it containes EXE Password and Keys to Run Main Exe)
  • Open EXE and put “h” in name sections and give Use one Key to Run EXE one Time. Enter allahpakhe as password to run
  • Now just enter any number according to version on Your phone
  • Run MCT Bypass Tool and click on Bypass
  • After that connect phone holding 0 Key as Boot key to detect and Flash unlock Firmware

Download JAZZ Digit 28 Versions EXE

Version: 28in1

File Size: 527 MB

Link Last Updated: March 18, 2022

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