ITel A23 Pro [L5006C] FRP using Custom Loader

How to remove FRP from iTel A23 pro. ITel mobile L5006c forgot Google account recover. Hello GSM Friends and welcome to where You will get all solutions 100% Tested and working.

In this article I will share with You how to remove FRP on ITel A23 Pro L5006C using Infinity CM2SP2 tool using Custom Loader. You can download and use this Loader to do the following tasks

  • Read Firmware on L5006c
  • Write Firmware
  • Format Userdata Includes Removing Password and Pattern
  • Remove FRP Lock
  • Read/Write Security Backup

How to Remove FRP from ITel A23 Pro

Without Wasting time head over to the main thread about How to Remove FRP using Custom Loader on iTel A23 pro, just follow all these steps carefully

  • Download CM2SP2 tool and SPD drivers and install them
  • Download and extract on Desktop or elsewhere You want
  • You need Infinity Username and Password to do the following procedure, If You don’t have an account then open CM2 Dongle Manager and click on Read Username and Password. You will get the Credential to login then setup and email, Sign in here [For More Deatails Check this Link]
  • Open CM2 SP2 Module set username and password
  • After that return back to Platform and select fdl1 and fdl2 from Custom Loader folder
  • Now Click on Service and select FRP and connect phone holding Volume Down Key
  • Finish

Operation Log

Operation : Format FS / Reset Settings [ v2.14 ]
Mode : Reset FRP
BootMode : FLASH

1. Power off device, wait 10-15 seconds
2. Press and hold BooKey ( 1 : BOTH VOL , 2 : VOL+ , 3 : VOL- )
3. Insert cable in device!

Wait for device ... 

Device Connected!
BootVersion : SPRD3
Sending Init Boot ... 
Boot sent!
Kick FDL ... 
BootVersion : Spreadtrum Boot Block version 1.1
Protocol setup ... 
Port speed : 921600
Sending Flash Boot ... 
Boot sent!
Kick FLASH FDL ... 
FDL : 0x0008
FDL :  EMMC_RO : False ; EMMC_PART : True ; EMMC_RPMB_SET : False
FDL : RAW : 0x0002
FDL : FLH : 0x400000
FDL : SEC : RSA auth required!
FDL : Process authentification ... 
FDL : SEC : RSA auth passed!
FDL : Control transfered!

Boot Done!

Wipe Ok : FRP

Reconnect Power/Cable!

Elapsed: 00:00:30

Download ITel L5006C Custom Loader

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Link Last Updated: March 6, 2022

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