Infinity CM2MT2 Partition Tool (Memory Tool) – How to use

Infinity Team introduces Partition tool in CM2 MT2 to read/write or erase single partition. This is a Powerful tool when an expert wants to flash/erase a single partition and make the phone working. In this mode, Tool initializes partitions and makes them available as a list.

How to flash NVRAM using CM2MT2 Partition Tool

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  • Click on “init Device” and connect powered off phone
  • After connecting the phone you can see a list of partitions, find NVRAM Tick on it and double click on “WR FILE”
  • select “nvram.bin” and click on open
  • Right click and choose “write selected” to flash selected partition. After finished flashing click on “Close Session/Reboot” and disconnect phone.

In this way, You can erase/read/write a single partition.

Other Features

There are some other functions as below

  • Init GPT/PMT [Scatter]
  • Init GPT/PMT [Scatter] With Resize
  • Init Preloader
  • Change File System EXT4 or F2FS

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