How to Setup UFI UFS-Prog and Activate UFS Support

Here is the most awaited tutorial to set up UFI-Prog ith UFI Box and Activate UFS Flashing/Repairing on this device. In this article, I will tell you how to connect and reprogram UFI Software to set up UFS Support.

In the beginning, UFI was an amazing device to do various tasks like erasing pattern pin passwords from the latest android devices and along with it can do Reprogramming for Various chipsets including Qualcomm, MediaTek, and Kirin. But nowadays many devices are built-in UFS Memory Chip that needs a different adapter to connect with Box. EasyJtag, Medusa is supported UFS but Ufi was behind them until they release a new update to support UFS with a new UFS-Prog (UFS Adapter).

Now the main question is how to set up UFS-Prog and activate UFS Support on UFI Software so that we can use ISP connection or simply put UFS chip in the adapter to connect with UFI and do our tasks. Here is the basic Guide

How to Activate

  • First of all, Download and install UFI Software v1.6.0.2333 or above version. Make sure You tick “UFI Box and UFI UFS-Prog Driver” option
  • After Installing UFI Setup, Connect UFI-Prog, Check Device manager while its connected or not
  • Now you can open the UFS ToolBox. The first time the application opens, it will ask you to activate it just click on “Activate UFS ToolBox” button to activate it. Make sure You have a good internet connection
  • wait until activation completes, Once done it will restart itself
  • Once activated and open, please upgrade the UFI UFS-PROG firmware in the settings menu. UFS ToolBox requires UFI UFS-PROG with firmware version 01.34 to work properly.
  • Once UFI UFS-Prog firmware upgrading done, Toolbox is Ready to Use.

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