EasyJtag eMMC File Manager (EFM) v1.22 Setup File

Z3x EasyJtag Premium Tool to manage eMMC and do different tasks is EasyJtag eMMC File Manager latest version 1.22 is released. Here is what is new in the final version of eMMC File manager.

Changes Log ✍

EMMC File Manager v1.22 - Released.

Z3X Emmc File Manager 1.22 released May 25, 2022
1.Added: Shortcut buttons for Device Manager (Open Windows Device Mansger) and Task Manager
(Open Windows Task Manager)

  1. Added: Now the software, if there is a BAK at the end of the section name, tries to search for a file without BAK, and it looks for three types (bin, img, mbn)
    Search example:
    persistbak -> persistbak.img/persistbak.mbn/persistbak.bin/persist.img/persist.mbn/persist.bin
    All these will try to search
    3.Added: Loaders are now selected in two types, with and without the main MSM ID. The user will not feel this in any way, purely if a loader is added without a log, it will still find
  2. Added: Ability to select encrypted EFM loaders manually
    5.Rewritten: parser FireHose,SBL,XBL
    6.Fixed: minor fixes in Working with GP1 section.
    7.Added new API version 3505.
    8.Reworked info at startup (displays the date and time of software assembly in the log)
  3. Added new EMMC Vendor SHICHUANG to the database
  4. New EMMC Vendor YMTC added to the database
    11.If GP0 partitions were created on EMMC

New Quick Buttons (Open Dev Manager/Task Manager)
Qualcomm Fixes
Scanner Fixes
New Loaders
New Api 3505
New Emmc Vendors
Calc OnePlus Ufs Size
Qlm Mi Account Unlock
Qualcomm Fixes
Scanner Fixes
Repartition Fixes
Other Small Fixes
Fix Hex Viewer Errors
Support SUPER.img Dump
New Qlm CPU ID
New Hex Viewer
Add Restart App Button



Version: 1.22

File Size: 150.1 MB

Link Last Updated: May 28, 2022

Password: allaboutflashing.com

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