Download VGOTEL i800 Flash File MT6261 (All Versions)

Here is the download link for the latest stock ROM for VGOTEL SUPER JUMBO i800 (Bar phone). You will see here all versions to download and can choose right file for your phone. You can Fix Keypad by this file. These files are MTK version i800 model.

Flash files are purely tësted and you can see flashing logs in the middle of this page. Flashing this firmware required Special Flashing Tools and MTK FP drivers to be installed. We will guide You on how to flash VGOTEL i800 using Infinity MTK Tool and bring the phone back to life.

How to Flash

First of all, make sure you have installed MTK Drivers and restarted your pc once. After this install CM2 MTK Tool and connect your infinity dongle. However, You can also use Miracle Box, Hydra Tool, and other related professional tools also.

Select FP in settings and choose Flash tab. click on Bin to load .bin flash file. After all, click on Flash and connect your phone with pc using USB Data Cable.

To Fix VCRUNTIME140.dll Error Install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015

Flashing Log

Chinese Miracle II  [MTK module] v 1.58
 Load File 
 File_Info   : XG05_KM_V2404_VGOTEL_F2_PCB01_gprs_MT6261_S00.XG05_KM_V2404_VGOTEL_I800_F2_V08_20181015.bin
 FileVersion : XG05_KM_V2404_VGOTEL_i800_F2_V08_20181015
 Load File Ok
 Start  at : [5/6/2021 / 1:05:12 PM]
 Operation : Flash [ v1.58 ]
 ======= Flash
 Files set for flashing : 
 [ MCU ] : XG05_KM_V2404_VGOTEL_F2_PCB01_gprs_MT6261_S00.XG05_KM_V2404_VGOTEL_I800_F2_V08_20181015.bin
 Power Off Phone , Remove battery , Insert back
 Insert USB cable. In some cases require hold BootKey ( '*' ) 
 Wait for phone…
 Phone found! [ 34 ]
 Sync Ok, read regs…
 Inital regs read done
 Boot Info : 
 BB_CPU_ID : 6261
 BB_CPU_SW : 0001
 BB_CPU_SB : 8000
 BB_CPU_NM : [MediaTek] MT6261_S0000
 BB_CPU_SN : AB821BF9FD613F07C070055E93AA9779
 BROM Protocol Version : 05
 Setting done , result code 0x000E
 BROM stage done
 Seek and prepare DownloadAgent
 DownloadAgent matching HW Found!
 DA verify and select done
 Sending DA to target …
 DA_INFO   : 0xC0 , Ver : 3.2 , BBID : 0x8E
 NOR Flash IC initialized
 [0] : FLASH_VEN : 0x00EC , [GigaDevice] GD25LQ32
 [0] : FLASH_DIE : 00C8 0060 0016 0000 
 [0] : FLASH_LEN : 0x00400000
 SDS_INFO : 0x003FE000 , 0x00002000
 INT_RAM : 0x0000D000
 EXT_RAM : 0x00400000
 File_Info   : XG05_KM_V2404_VGOTEL_F2_PCB01_gprs_MT6261_S00.XG05_KM_V2404_VGOTEL_I800_F2_V08_20181015.bin
 FileVersion : XG05_KM_V2404_VGOTEL_i800_F2_V08_20181015
 Flash now
 Erase region , wait …
 Write data , wait …
 Write : XG05_KM_V2404_VGOTEL_F2_PCB01_gprs_MT6261_S00.XG05_KM_V2404_VGOTEL_I800_F2_V08_20181015.bin
 Elapsed: 00:00:52
 Reconnect Power/Cable!

Download VGOTEL i800 Flash File

Here are the latest downloadable flash files for Vgotel i800 and download only matched version.

Version: XG05_KM_V2404_VGOTEL_F2_PCB01_gprs_MT6261_S00.XG05_KM_V2404_VGOTEL_I800_F2_V08_20181015

File Size: 3.23 MB

Version: FISE61D_11C_PCB01_gprs_MT6261_S00_BOOTLOADER_V005.MAUI.11C.W13.52.MP.V2.F9

File Size: 3.26 MB

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